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Chairman of the Board

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White Stripes

Hilly Kristal
talks about CBGBs

Sam Dodson of The Transmitters
on the Martin Foran Defence Campaign

Penny Rimbaud
talks about the Crass Records label

Simon Down
talks about the Pink Label

Douglas Benford aka SI-CUT.DB

Helen McCookerybook
from The Chefs

Steve Lake
from Zounds


The Colony

The Disrupters

Mark Perry
from Alternative TV

Long Decline


Dan Melchior

Lee Scratch Perry

The Petticoats

Long Bone Trio

The Decorators
A Retrospective View

The Black Lanterns

The Gentry Underground

The Instigation
Living on Chinese punk rock

Sperm Wails
Death To Trad Rock!

13th Chime

Fruit Eating Bears & The 101ers
Check out Fruit Eating Bears CD on Overground, there's a track called Green Love which Joe Strummer apparently wrote and sung with The 101ers. Can't find anything about it on the web. Does anyone know anything about this song? The F.E.B CD also includes a track called 1.30 2.30 3.35 which Lew Lewis Reformer later recorded for Stiff. Saw Fruit Eating Bears on TV on some run up to Eurovision thing in 78. F.E.B seem to be quite typical of a lot of first wave UK punk: played by reasonably accomplished muso-type blokes; lots of r'n'r riffs and trying to play it simple, often a few theatrical Bowie-isms with more experience and expertise than they wanted to let on. Get in touch if you know anything about this mystery Joe Strummer tune.

The Gentry Underground
Nostradamus EP (Brains / TV Head / My, Oh My / Nostradamus) (Skinbag Records)

Sonic architects The Gentry Underground have unleashed four more tracks from their prolific 60s US psych arsenal. Now accompanied by their own Mo Tucker on the drums, this unit builds complete sounds in a way that so many punks could never dream of. Notes and chords are glued together with precision to take the listener to Gentry Street, a road where atmosphere resides and no one ever talks of shifting units.
This 18 minute, 4 track CD continues to show that the creation of auras and soundscapes is where the Underground excel. They're reputed to be pretty good live, too. The band has a considerable amount of quality, original material in the can and is currently looking for a label that understands the way it works. Interested parties should contact TGU in the usual way.

Red Beat - The Missing Album
The Missing Album is the long awaited album from Portobello dub warriors Red Beat.

Northern Soul
'When the whole rave thing went ballistic it felt like northern soul twenty years on. Lots of people getting off their heads, dancing to fast music and this love attitude.'

The Story of Crass
A review of George Berger's book on how Crass formed and what happened along the way.

Rowan Chernin
An exclusive dip into the Loaded founding forefather's back catalogue.

Extreme Surfing in Britain
Where the waves are as big as houses.

Space Invader
French street artist supplies us with the kit to go out and do it.

July Manifesto
First published in Fook - a new art manifesto from an underground collective.

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